Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From my "speech room"

First of all, I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK!!  Oh how I misssssssed it!!  I'm back in business :)

Christmas break is over, and Monday I went back to school.  Whoa, was it hard to wake up {especially since I couldn't fall asleep thinking of all I had to do!}  I walked in and found a Christmas gift from a student on my desk.  
Even better, this was inside of it........

From a sweet 4th grade boy- he will never know how much this meant to me on that particular day.

So welcome to my speech room.  
I used to do therapy in glorified closets of all shapes and sizes but I now have a legitimate classroom now (absolutely shocking and amazing:)))) which I share with our teacher coach. 

My students had aLOT to say about what they got for Christmas- some were even excited to be back to school.  Of course, we discussed the new year, too! 

My Hispanic students thought it was cool that I wrote it in Spanish on the board. (No, I don't speak Spanish, but I've learned how to translate anything online).  
I added the French version of "Happy New Year" as well,  in honor of my cajun roots.  
My Momma and Daddy would be so proud if they knew. 

My room is decorated in an OWL theme.  In fact, it has been for YEARS!  I like to say I had owls before they were in fashion.  They're everywhere NOW, but I had to make my own way back then. 

Several of my students and co-workers bought me owls for Christmas :)  
aw shucks, so sweet. 

My rules are easy. 
"Be kind to each other" is the most important one to me.  This came about as a rule because some of my kids with speech errors liked to laugh or pick on the other kids with speech errors. 
Be kind to each other.  That goes for everyone. 

I posted a picture of my door because...

1) the 4 owls tell me which PE teacher to send each child back to after therapy (can you SLPs relate?)

2) I figured all you educators and SLPs could relate to the fact that I've never found time to make my clock "fall back." Ocassionally I PANIC because I think I'm late for something then I remember it's an hour fast.  Anyway, I can't reach it and our amazing head custodian, Mrs. Rose, almost loses her mind when she catches me standing on a chair, especially a rolling one! 

My new stools. 
Do you have quick artic RTI kids?  Or 5-10 minute kids for articulation drill?  
Many times I go grab mine from their classrooms and plop down on the hall floor for quick drill.  
That got old real fast. 
I grabbed these cool, CHEAP stools ($5.99 y'all) from IKEA during a recent trip.
Now I can grab them and go.  My butt has a home anywhere I go. 

For those quick artic kids, HERE IS A FREEBIE.  I can play this game in 5-10 minutes flat and get TONS of sound productions without boring my kids (and myself) to death! 

More to come - but for now it's suppertime and my husband did the cooking! 


  1. thanks for sharing your room with us. I love it! I really need to update my room.
    I absolutely LOVE the stool idea! I need to get to IKEA. I do all my screenings in the hall, sometimes there is an empty desk but usually there isn't. So I sit on the floor against the wall for support- which of course always makes the students sit next to me, making it impossible to watch their mouth.

  2. Thanks moswogger! You are so right, they always sit next to me with their back against the wall- which I don't like because they can see me writing on the screening protocol (which I like to hidE!). I only wish I had a little teeny tiny portable table too- because if i bring a table top activity, the stools don't work very well.

  3. Where did you find your speech rules? Love them and the owl theme!


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