Thursday, January 24, 2013

I LOVE laminating day! {and some shout outs}

Yep, it's laminating day at my school, and I can't wait to share with you what I sent to be laminated, BUT FIRST....

a big shout out and thank you to my awesome friend and school librarian who has not yet cut me off from the laminating machine! 
Thank You Jody Delatte!
(and it makes me so happy that you follow my blog)

Also a big thank you to our library para, Marie Kleinpeter, who even CUTS my laminating when she gets a chance. 
(fresh, cut laminated goods make me as giddy as a school girl with a crush) 

So this is what I sent to the laminating machine today -
to be sealed with love (and thin durable plastic stuff) forever....

AND YOU KNOW, President's Day is coming up, too!!  

This one kinda makes me chuckle.....I'm such a dog person: I couldn't resist! 

And we all need a little Valentine's Day fun 
(or as my students call it, ValenTIME's day) 
(oh and the all popular, BALENTIME's Day) 
The joys of being a speech pathologist

And I had to throw in some owls to match my classroom.....

I have all the open ended game boards that I can use in a pinch to get me through the spring 

To play, I use some generic gamepieces I already have - plus dice or a spinner. 

OR since I'm so lucky to have an iPad at school (and my personal iphone) we sometimes use an app to roll dice. 
My students are just desperate to touch my iPad, and when they're happy, I'm happy. 

Here is one I love called Dice Roller - It's free and the you can customize your dice. 

If you need some quick & easy games to incorporate into your speech therapy sessions or centers, 
(or just to have a little family fun)
you can grab the 9 seasonal game boards above HERE

NOW LAST BUT NOT LEAST ----  a big shout out to my fellow SLP & friend 
Stacey Clouatre Keller

She made my blog site  a little "appy" looking button on her iphone home screen!!!  
I mean, what!?  How cool is that?!  Thanks, Stacey!  xoxox

Tomorrow's Friday, y'all!!  TGIF! 

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