Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mardi Gras Freebie!!

Well, Happy Wednesday Everyone!! 

Today I got to play Santa at my school! 
We received a big box full of iPads to be dispersed amongst our special ed. staff, 
and I had the fun job of delivering them!! 

The three of us SLPs at my school were the first to receive iPads last school year.  
Look how happy we were......
Since then we've be in speech therapy heaven putting all kinds of apps to use with our kiddos! 

Besides playing Santa, 
I'm desperately trying to cram in all the Groundhog Day stuff I can manage this week so I can move on to some REALLLL fun....Mardi Gras!!

If you downloaded my Winter Stamp-a-Story and liked it, 
You may also want to grab my Mardi Gras version of Stamp-a-Story...
Whatcha waitin' for?  It's free!! 

I use my stash of rubber stamps to have my students fill out a one-of-a-kind story....

Some of them take it SO SERIOUSLY while other kids make the most outrageous story they can!!

This is a great activity for articulation or fluency carryover.  
After their story is created, they must highlight their target sounds and read it aloud to the group 
(or anyone else I can wrangle to come listen!) 

THEN they have to take it home for "speech homework" and read it for momma, daddy, maw maw, granny, brother, sister, grandpa, etc...  
They get rewarded for being responsible and bringing it back signed.  

And here's a Mardi Gras DOT ART just for fun....(even the little bitties can do dot art)
I love including a little bit 'o art in my lessons because the kids get so chatty while they paint and I can observe how they truly communicate
- not to mention they say the most entertaining things!! 
(dang, I wish I would've started writing down their funnies long ago!!) 

Whether or not you live in Louisiana like I do, Mardi Gras is a fun tradition to teach about. 
I have a couple of Mardi Gras activities in my TPT store if you need one -
You can check out my whole store HERE
or just download the stamp-a-story and dot art FREEBIE!

Normally in my household we are headed to the heart of Cajun country for Mardi Gras - 
it's my husband's FAVORITE holiday.....I mean when else can he dress like THIS??! 

but this year we are headed to the Big Apple....New York City! 

woohoooo!! I'm my mind, my bags are already packed!! 

So what are you doing this Mardi Gras?


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  1. Stephanie and I love our ipads. Now everyone in 3rd grade wants to teach sped.

    Teaching in Wonderland


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