Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome to my HP obsession, and that does not stand for Hewlett-Packard

Yeah, I'm a fan of All things HP.  
Or more accurately, I'm OBSESSED with Harry Potter.  

I've read the books multiple times and I even made my own cliff notes (summarized each chapter by hand in a notebook) of the last few books (to avoid having to read them AGAIN).

I even have a board on Pinterest in his honor if you'd like to follow my obsessed with HP board

I'm a big reader and this series just happened to blow my mind after my oldest son insisted I read them years ago. Since then I've been on a quest to make other people read them.  I got a fellow SLP, Kylie, to read them when she wasn't even a reader.  Now she's obsessed, toooooo.  (you'll meet her shortly). 

Now let me just say that the school where I work is alot of fun!! 
For Halloween we dressed as our favorite storybook characters.  
There are 3 of us SLPs at my school and we like to dress up "together" with a theme on days like that. Kylie (mentioned above) suggested we dress up like the 3 little pigs.  
I think not.  

I already had my little heart set on being Hermione (the smartest girl that ever stepped foot in Hogwarts).  I mean, there are 3 of us so it was a NO BRAINER.  
We were Hermione, Harry and Ron.  
In my mind, the greatest trio ever!
Need proof ?

And I don't know what went berserk with the flash in this next photo, but I like to say we were conjuring our patronuses in this one..... (is patronuses a word?)

The kids loved it!! 
Of course, I talked in a British accent all day until I couldn't keep it up anymore.  Now they alllllll know about my HP obsession (and no one will forget the costumes because these pictures of us are hanging up on a bulletin board in the main hallway)

And yes, my wand in the photo is a GENUINE wand direct from Ollivander's shop in Universal Studios Orlando.  (Am I a nerd or what?)

So in honor of Harry, Hermione and Ron, I whipped up a little game to use in speech therapy featuring the famous trio, and it makes me so happy I can hardly contain myself.  

There are FOURTEEN game boards but here are just few.....

This one is open ended game board to use however you like . 

This one (and several others) has target WORDS on them.  This is the /r/ blends board. 
This one (and more) features picture targets.  (Say the word you land on 5 times, etc)
OHHHH AND I LOVE A GOOD CARD GAME- That's part of the fun, too!!

DOESN't HARRY LOOK CUTE in digital form? 
The card game addresses those dreaded /r/. vocalic r, /r/ blends, /s/, /z/ and /s/ blends. 
There are 3 different decks- depending if your students are working at the 2-3 syllable level, 
4-5 syllable level, or longer sentences.
 (oh and check out the wild cards!) 

There are 40 pages total in this download- 14 game boards and a card game with 3 decks.
If you love Harry as much as I do (or have a little student who does), 
you can get it HERE
I hope you bloody love it!

Now if only I had a wand of my own to go do my housework.
Oh and by the way, it is STILL RAINING!!! Someone make it stop.


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