Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We've been stamping stories and hoping for snow!

It actually feels like winter here in Louisiana!! 
We even have little SNOW in the forecast! 

I think everyone is praying for a snow day.  We may only have flurries but even that is so rare here in south Louisiana that we don't know how to function in the snow! 

So this we week we have been using my winter stamp-a-story.  
These are my favorite stamps that we put to use-
a great purchase from Lakeshore about 10 years ago. 

As you can see, they are well loved.

As promised, here we are in action in my classroom.....

Normally I 
DO NOT carefully line up all the stamps,  

(normally I chunk them in a big pile in the middle of the table!)

but one of my sweet, helpful students insisted on lining them up nicely for us. 

Once they were done, they read them aloud.  They had a few articulation errors while reading so I had them highlight all the words that had their target sounds. 
(to give them a visual cue) 

This precious 5th grade girl has been in therapy with me for NINE years.  When she started at age 3, she had such a severe articulation disorder that I couldn't even imagine a day that she wouldn't need therapy.  After 9 years, I'm in the process of dismissing her.  She's turned into an articulate young lady and I'll never ever forgot her.

A one of a kind winter story - and the kids took it home for "speech homework."  
If they bring it back to me signed they get a "COLT CASH" for being responsible. 
(the popular currency at my school:)

Don't forget you can get this for FREE at my TPT STORE.  
If you do download it, I would sooooo love your feedback :)

Until next time, I'll be wishing for snow!  


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