Thursday, January 3, 2013

Working during Christmas break!?

Yep, that's right.  It may be Christmas break, but I'm THERAPIZING! 

I have a couple of kids that I see privately- either at their home or mine.  Many of the things I create are for these kids.  I love being able to DO what I know these kiddos NEED- no perimeters- no restrictions- just treat them full steam ahead! 

What my little boy needs is social/behavioral skills.....and motivation to work.  
That's where the super heroes come in!  What little boy can resist super heroes?  I know a thing or 2 about this- I raised two super hero junkies of my own! 

At my school, I am both an SLP and a "lead teacher."  Basically, I help all the special ed. peeps and their inclusion teachers with "stuff."  Hard Stuff.  Weird stuff.  I help them figure out stuff.  I help their regular ed. inclusion teachers with other stuff.  I help them write stuff.  I help them help kids that are having trouble with stuff.  Lots of stuff.  
You get the idea. 

I am also on our PBIS Tier 2 committee-  you know, the group of people at school who grasp as straws and try to think of ANYTHING that can help the students who have behavior issues.  

BOTH of these things have PLUNGED me into the world of social skills training and behavior modification.  Us fancy SLPs call it pragmatics but it boils down to social appropriateness, social skills, social/behavioral skills- you get the point (social appropriateness), and this stuff is IMPORTANT.  In my eyes, it's as important as academics. 
{oh come on, you all know those people who should have gotten social skills training as kids!} 

But wait, I've gotten off track from the Super Heroes!! 
You'll see soon how it all goes together.  

Some of my favorite pragmatics/social/behavior skills programs and resources  that we use at my school are, quite frankly, just getting old and tired.  The kids are tired of looking at the little pictures and stories and all the chit chat about taking turns, making friends, and the rest.  I'm getting tired of it, too.  

So I designed a social skills games to liven up our social skills lessons. Today with my little guy it stirred up some serious discussion while keeping things fun.  I believe in fun!! 

So introducing Super Hero Social Skills!! It's a game with 4 ways to play. 
Just print (I recommend card stock), laminate, cut and play. 
 No one can resist a game and no little boy can resist these guys! 

The game is fun, but the topics are serious.  I already know which 2 of my co-workers I'll be sending this to right away!

The game is complete with 56 social scenario cards to discuss or role play (and 4 blank ones that you can use to target your students SPECIFIC challenges). 

And no card game is complete without a few wild cards :)  

If you wanna amp up the fun, there's also two game boards (Batman & Spiderman) that consist of two pages you can adhere to a manilla folder (or just tape together). 

It was a HUGE hit with my little guy today.  

If you wanna try it with your students, you can get the 16 page download HERE

Now before I'm thought of as ANTI-SOCIAL,  I better get off of this computer! 

Catchya later :)


  1. I love how you put your heart and soul into everything you do :)

  2. Susie, some people called that kind of thing OCD. In any case, this comment made my day :)


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