Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NYC and cupcakes!

I'm back home from an amazing trip to New York City where I got to experience 
Winter Storm Nemo firsthand!! 
Being from the south, I had never experienced anything even CLOSE to that 
and I loved every minute of it!!  

Some of the highlights?...

and another important highlight from our trip....

 We fell in love with these little bite sized babies from Baked by Melissa. 
My husband and I devoured this dozen...

and then bought 2 cases  to bring home to our 2 boys....

Too cute and yummy to resist!!

I've also been on a cupcake kick in my speech room!! 

First came my Cupcake Cause and Effect Activity...

Finally a way to make teaching cause and effect concrete and fun!

 Uhhhh, and who can resist these cute little cupcakes!?  

If you haven't already checked it out, you can find Cupcakes Cause and Effect HERE  

Then came my matching game that I use for quick articulation therapy and other monotonous (borrrrinnng)  tasks.....

You can grab these cutie pies (or cupcakes I should say) HERE

And now my latest creation- Cupcake Questions and Games!   

I don't know about you but so many of my students can't answer some of the simplest questions!! 
 If you can't answer the simple ones, OH MY what trouble you will have answering the rigorous, higher order, multi-step questions of the common core! 

And if you can't do that, well geez louise, how will my babies ever pass their tests?  

You would think that I made these questions and activity for my little bitty ones
.....and I did.... 
but I also have 3rd and 4th graders who struggle with these easy wh- (and how) questions.  

Why oh why are they always getting the why, when and wheres mixed up!?  
Well, I made them some visual cue cards for them and I'm hoping that will help. 

Oh the dreaded WHY questions!

It even includes a gameboard to use along with the questions.  
Games= happy students= happy me
You can check out Cupcake Questions and Games right here!

Ok all this cupcake talk is making me hungry!  
See ya soon!!


  1. Yum...I want a cupcake now! Glad y'all had fun in NY!

  2. Jealous! A trip to New York and my favorite treat. I've always wanted to try those fancy cupcakes I see on tv. Glad you guys had fun in the snow. Your products are precious too.

    Teaching in Wonderland


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