Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Princesses are taking over my speech room!!

So far this week in my "speech room" we have been immersed in everything Mardi Gras.     

Mardi Gras art. Mardi Gras reading.  Mardi gras crafts. Mardi Gras games.  

However,  I have a few little girls who don't give a hoot about Mardi Gras....so for them I cranked out some princesses!! 

I have the most precious 5 year old little student who is utterly obsessed with princesses 
(the same child who does commentary on my outfit everyday)
so I made this little activity for her and and my other girlie girls.  
It's quick, easy and cute as can be....

The premise is easy.  The little girlie who finds the most princessses wins the game! 
Turn all cards facedown on the table and each student will get a chance to find a princess card after she's performed the skill I've asked of her. 
At this point, they are putty in my hands :)

 I have them say their /r/ sounds, /l/ sounds, "sh" sounds, etc.  
{but you could use them to perform any skills or task you'd like!} 
Math problems- reading practice-answering questions-writing spelling words- practicing handwriting-The possibilities are endless. 

 After they do it to your liking, they get to flip over a card. If it's a princess, they get to keep it; if it's one of the 5 wild cards they have to follow the directions on the card.  

I like to set a timer for the period of time I have to work with them and whoever has the most princesses when the timer rings, wins the game! 
If it's just me and one child, I get to play along with her :) {I'll never be too old for games}

Princesses make them happy, and lots of target skill practice makes me happy! 
If you have princess obsessed students, you may want to grab this activity HERE

This year I started working with a young old girl who has Asperger Syndrome. 
 In the past all of my students with Asperger's have been boys, and I found that most of the materials out there catered to boys. 

I have a pragmatics/social language program that is my standard go-to program but this little girl has grown tired of it {and so have I}  so I created an activity that fits just what she needs.....complete with ....you guessed it.........princesses! 

I use the social scenario cards to play games {and to elicit some great discussions with my student}.

There are 56 cards that tackle some very common "problem" social sitations for kids, and 4 blank cards so that you can write in some scenarios that personally pertain to your students.

You can use these to play a card game. Students must pick a card and answer the questions about it.  Once they do that, they get the keep the card, and the student with the most cards wins!

Or you can use this with ANY board game. Students must pick a card and answer the questions on the card before getting a turn at any boardgame (Candyland, Kerplunk, Hi Ho Cherrio, etc). 


....you can play with either of the 2 included gameboards.  (Just print them, overlap them slightly and tape them together on the back). I like to laminate them so they will last FOREVER!!  (or at least until I'm too old and tired to do speech therapy)

With these games, students must pick a princess card and discuss the social situation prior to getting a turn at the game.  

If you have a little princess who would flip her lid for these princess goodies you can find the 12 page download right here.  If you have boys and missed my earlier blog post on SUPERHEROES, I have another activity just like this one featuring irresistable super heroes!!  You can check it out here!

Who says learning can't be fun!? Even for princesses!



  1. Love your pretty princesses!! Super cute and girlie :)

    Busy Bee Speech

  2. Love! I might get them to play with Katie. We are always watching or dressing like a the princesses.

    Teaching in Wonderland


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