Tuesday, March 5, 2013


TWO and 1/2 weeks of school left until Spring Break! (but who's counting, right?) (me!!) 
We are diving deep into Easter this week. We started with one of my favorite games to incorporate into therapy.....

Good ole FUNNY BUNNY .....
even my little bitty ones can play this 
one.  They were content to do LOTS 
of articulation drill today as long as
they got to move their bunny along
the hill afterward! My biggest accomplishment today was getting 100 productions out of a very chatty- very wiggly 5 year old!!

I'll be posting more games throughout the week.  I'm sort of a board game junkie. :)

I thought I would share what is on tap for tomorrow.  If you've already downloaded my WINTER or MARDI GRAS stamp-a-story, I have another one for you (EAsTER, of course!!) 


It's a cute Easter story the kids can READ and MAKE THEIR OWN by finishing it with my big stash of rubber stamps.  I use it mostly with students from 2nd to 5th grade. 
Some kids treat this like their own personal masterpiece!
Some make a big mess and some make it as crazy as they can!! 

Here are my rules for rubber stamps and I am HARDCORE about these rules... 

1) You get one stamp pad and there's no mixing colors (no tainting the pads! ack!) 
2) You do not press the rubber stamp with all your might into the stamp pad- that makes it too juicy!! :O
3) You press the stamp on the paper 1 time only and press in the middle of the stamp when you put it on your paper. 
4) you must tap (clean) the stamps on your paper towel after you stamp! 

             (can you relate?) 

Thank goodness for washable stamp pads!! 

Just like the 2 other Stamp-A-Story activities I've shared at my TPT store, this is a great activity for articulation or fluency carryover.  
After their story is finished, students must highlight their target sounds and read it aloud to the group, practicing their speech skills. 
(or to their teachers or anyone we can grab in the hallway!)

Then since the hardest part of therapy, to me, is getting the students to use their newly learned speech skills all around the school and at home, they have to take it home for "speech homework." If they read it to family members and are responsible enough to bring it back signed, they get rewarded with our school money, 
"Colt Cash."  

(oh, and I should mention this story is chock FULL of /s/ and /r/ sounds!) 

If you want to try it out, you can grab it for FREE at my TPT store!
If you don't have rubber stamps, stickers work great, too!
If you enjoy the download, I'd love to hear how you and your students liked it! 



  1. Where did you find the funny bunny game?

  2. I bought mine at Amazon.com but I've also seen it at Walmart. It's a great reinforcer game, and it's easy to play- even for little ones. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. Thanks for sharing ideas for games! The Funny Bunny game and Bunny Tower both look like games that my preschoolers would love! I'm always looking for motivating new games :)


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