Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rainbows on a Cloudy Day....

This post has been on my Pinterest Feed everyday for weeks....

A very cute St. Patty's tissue art project!! I decided to try my own version in my room today.  

It was an early dismissal day and I was determined to squeeze in aLOT of students in a short period of time- I had my articulation students practice their target sounds very quickly and for every 20-25 correct words they said,  they got to glue on one "color" (row) of the rainbow. 

It's all about ROYGBIV

...except I don't have violet and indigo- so we just roll with plain ole purple :)

I'm really kinda bummed that St. Patrick's Day is on a Saturday. We won't be able to share it with the kiddos.  It's always fun to hear them try to explain what obscure item they're wearing that's green and why we shouldn't pinch them.  

One year our kindergarten teachers recruited us speech therapists to go play "tricks" in their classrooms while the children were at lunch and recess.  Oh the good ole days before kindergarteners were allowed to have fun rather than learn to write complete sentences and perform other non-developmentally appropriate tasks (oops, that's a topic for another time perhaps). 

In any case, this quick tissue art activity got in lots of articulation drill and the kids were tickled pink with their end products. 

(This little guy just happens to be my personal ray of sunshine)

If you want to try this in your room this week, all you need is a sheet of white paper, glue, some tissue paper cut in squares, and the little pot of gold.  I just happen to have that for you RIGHT HERE
It's a free download at my TPT store just so you can do this activity, too! 

The students (or YOU if you're in a hurry like I was) just cut out the pot of gold and glue it right at the end of the rainbow! Who doesn't love a rainbow!? Oh and Heck, who doesn't want a pot of gold!? 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, y'all! 


  1. Very cute! I love a little arts and crafts :)

    Teaching in Wonderland

  2. Thanks Kaci!! This is peanuts compared to the art your class is putting out so I appreciate the compliment :)


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