Friday, April 26, 2013

A hungry little caterpillar to soothe the soul

TGIF, y'all! 
It's getting harder and harder to keep the kiddos focused! 
As of today, we only have 19 school days left!  {that calls for a woohooooo!}

 ---State testing is over---we were under a tornado warning on Wednesday--- 
---had a Code Blue drill this week---Hippie themed dress down day today---
and it's a full moon!

 Enough said!  Crazy week!!

It was oh-so-clear that my students weren't "into" school this week... 
so I attempted to reel them back in with a slew of activities centered around a 
classic go-to favorite ...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Who doesn't love this book?  Even my older kids asked to read it when they walked into my room and saw hungry caterpillar stuff scattered everywhere!  They didn't even think it was too "babyish"- they reminisced about kindergarten and they begged me to read it with them. 

Maybe that's why I love it, too.  
Makes me reminisce about years gone by
 {reading it to my two boys} 

I had a bunch of activities READY TO GO from my Very Hungry Caterpillar Speech & Language Companion Pack but we couldn't even get through them all!

For my kids whose language goals involve answering wh- questions, we read the book and pulled wh- questions out of my "secret box" to answer. 

Why the box?  
Well, it's just fun. 

Picking a card or a question is always more fun when you pull it out the secret box!!    

Just ask my students!         

{sometimes I like to fill it with spiky stress balls or other odd things just to amp up the interest!} 

If they could answer the question correctly, they got to keep it.  
Everyone wants to be the one who answered the most correctly! 

See those CARDS on top of the "Secret box?" 
Those are my cheater cards  for answering wh- questions.  

They're actually part of my Cupcake Questions & Games but I find I use them almost everyday to remind students how to answer each kind of wh- question.  
They're a great reference and now the kids are starting to say things like, 
"That's a where question so the answer will be a place." 
"That's a who question so that will be a person or animal." 

For my articulation kids, we read the book and found words with "their sound" in it.  Then we drilled those words, and after they said a few good productions, they got a turn at the game board. 

For my younger language kids, we read the book and practiced retelling 
{in sequential order, that is! AND using transition words!} 

Then we used the "caterpillar concepts" cards to identify basic concepts.  The ones they got correct, they got to "feed" to the caterpillar! 

I provided the munching noises but then they quickly decided they could do it themselves (and much better than me)  
By the way the caterpillar bag is super easy to make- use any old bag or box and just glue the head on and cut the mouth area open. 

We didn't even get to the barrier game, phonemic awareness practice sheets, or color sheet-
maybe next week!!  
I even had a couple of special education teachers steal my materials and do the activities with their kids.
(that makes me happppyyy:)

Long live the very hungry caterpillar! 

If you need a little hungry caterpillar in your life {or just in your speech room} 
you can grab it HERE
21 pages of speech, language and phonemic awareness fun! 

Hope you enjoyed peeking into my speech room. 
So what did you do in your speech room this week?


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