Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Angry birds helping me do a little speech therapy today

A while back I promised a post about Angry Birds.... so here it goes.  
I know, I know some of you are sick of those angry birds.
Like lima beans, you either love 'em or hate 'em,  
but my kids LOVE them! 

Today I NEEDED those angry birds.  Man-oh-man do my kids have spring fever BAD! 

Today it seemed like all my students wanted to talk about was Swamp People and Duck Dynasty (hmmm, maybe I need to create an activity for those!) 
or in the case of my favorite chatty 5 year old girl, getting her ears pierced at Tanger Outlet Mall this weekend. 

 One guy said he was tired and asked me if we really had to talk today.  
Uhhh, yes, it's speech.  You can't have speech therapy without talking. 

Whipping out the old Angry Birds game made them refocus!! 
I had them practice saying phrases with their sounds and then let them press the handy dandy spinner from Super Duper so see how many spaces they could move along the game board.  

They wanted to land on the spaces with the messages so bad that they resorted to trying to cheat.  

(counting 1 space twice/ skipping spaces, etc. etc.) 

I had to give them a quick disappointed face and cheating lecture- 
 similiar to Tom Hanks' "There's no crying in baseball!" lecture in A League of Their Own
 except mine includes
"There's no cheating in speech!" 

If you need some angry birds to help you get through the rest of the school year,  I have 
17 gameboards in a set to make your little guys happy and motivated to practice their speech sounds. 

I have 17 game boards in all- the open ended one shown above and one for each of these: 

-Initial and medial /r/ 
-vocalic r and variations of vocalic r 
-/r/ blends
-initial, medial and final /s/
-/s/ blends
-initial, medial and final /z/
-combo "sh," "ch," "j"
-initial and medial /l/
-/l/ blends
-initial, medial and final /t/ 
-initial, medial and final /d/
-initial, medial and final /g/
-initial, medial and final /k/
-initial, medial and final /f/
-initial, medial and final /v/
-initial, media and final "th"

8 of them with older developing sounds have WORD targets on the board while 8 with younger developing sounds have PICTURE targets for non-readers. 

Here is the one for /g/ with picture targets.  Your student should say the word he/she lands on X number of times - either alone or in a phrases, sentence, etc. then get a turn at the game.  
There's a make-your-own spinner and dice included in the download if you need it.  Here is the board for /r/ which has word targets instead: 
{oh and I've already been informed by the children that there isn't really a purple bird.  They are quite the little critics}
Just print the 2 pages that make the boards, overlap the pages slightly and tape together on the back, or adhere each page to the inside of a manilla folder for a quick, foldable game. 

It also includes a bonus matching game which can be used as a reinforcer activity to address any old skill. 
Either way, I hope your kiddos love them as much as mine do! 
Just in case they get too competitive you may want to have your 
"there's no cheating in speech" lecture ready ;)


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  1. Cute!! Love this, Mia! My kids are overly chatty these days as well...I think all the testing is finally making them crack out!! ;)


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