Saturday, May 25, 2013

Schoooool's Out for Summer and a MAY RECAP

Sorry I've been so blog quiet...May almost did me in!! 
But today was the big day!! The last day of School! 
I was a little emotional today.  Happy.  Sad.  Excited.  Tired.

It's been an action packed month. Let's do a recap!! 

In addition to Teacher Appreciation week & Mother's Day...
...I had a big birthday!! The big 4-0
I walked into work with a lot on my mind- obliviously walking right past these signs plastered on the entrance of the school...

My freshman high school photo was plastered on every wall of our school!! OMG!!! WTH!? 
Every corner I turned there I was.  
My 2 fellow SLPs at school and one crazy wonderful special ed. teacher got me good.  
Our librarian and countless others got in on the fun, too.  Never a dull moment with them.

Oh, not to mention the whole faculty dressed in black to mourn the passing of my youth.  
They blew me away.  I love the people I get to work with everyday. 

And many classes came to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me.  The sweetest and most clever students acted SHOCKED that I was 40 and told me I COULDN'T BE!! Love them :))

Can't wait to get that my massage my cohorts gave me for my birthday.  
Blessed beyond belief to work with so many people I get to call friends.

My oldest son, Ferris, graduated with his degree in journalism from LSU.  
I have to brag ~ he has a very bright future in writing. 
~talent and brains and sweetness all rolled in one~  So proud of him. 
The partying followed this dignified photo :)

And THEN it was time to wrap up speech therapy for the school year and say goodbye to my students.  

This year, more than any other in my 18 years, I had the most loveable group of kids (who also happened to make unbelievable progress!)       

We ended the last session of therapy with a whole lotta fun:  a little popsicle quick drill , a popsicle party, a little summer trivia competition and a relay chock full of pool supplies.  

It's always interesting to see the how the students really communicate when they're just plain old having fun!                                      

It shows me how they're really communicating when they're just having fun (and I'm not pestering them ).                                

We had a great time and ended the year of speech therapy with  a bang.   Too bad I don't have photos of the summer trivia competition.  We played boys against the girls in each grade level with me reading the questions and them trying to be the first to "ring in" with those silver service bells that I love and answer for their team.  The teams gave themselves hilarious names.  We had the bikini babes vs. the beach bums and the fishies vs. jellyfish {just to name a couple}. 

If you want to play with your students, you can get the summer trivia activity HERE
It's perfect for end of the year partes. You can play with 2 students or a whole class! 

Finally, after celebrating the retirement of EIGHT of our teachers (wow) we sent our students {from prek to 5th grade} off for the summer.  
Lots of hugs, goodbyes, sighs, cheers, and a few tears.  

We survived another year of the dreaded LEAP test. 
We survived our state's new teacher evaluation system and our first year with 
SLTs and Common Core.   We did it. 
We grew our kids one more older and wiser and hopefully made an impact that will last.  

Our school has a fun tradition of showering our kids with bubbles at dismissal on the last day.  Then once the precious cargo is loaded on the school buses, there's the blaring of horns while little arms stick out of bus windows frantically waving goodbye. 
You can get a taste of it below :)

Now that they kids were on their way we immersed ourselves in "check out" activities.  I got word that I would be moving rooms.  It was sad to pack up the room I've spent 4 years in - sharing it with the best roommate and friend- who sadly is leaving to teach at a nearby school.  (hence, the sad part of the last day of school).  

Oh the stories we could tell about what went down in room B101 over the years.  
We call it the confessional - a safe place where teachers come to get advice, give advice, have mini breakdowns or tell jaw dropping stories.  Since my room housed the copy machine, a phone and a bathroom (which I was happy to share), I got A LOT of traffic. 

So during the summer I'll be moving to my very own room.  I haven't had a room to myself in my entire career!! Exciting! Although I'm thinking I may be lonely {lol}

So when I finally closed the door and said goodbye to the 2012-13 school year, what did I do? After a faculty lunch, I went home and CRASHED alongside my sidekick pup, Lola!  

 4 1/2 hours later I woke up from my mini coma, took a dip in the pool and had a little sushi with my husband.  

Not too shabby.                                                                                               

To those of you still "therapizing," hang in there!
I'm actually doing private therapy all summer so you haven't heard the last of me. 

When does YOUR summer start?


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You know I love board games....

I'm sure you've figured out by now that I LOVE board games.
(and all games in general!) 
A good board game is motivation to work on any skill.  
Kids love competition! Even more, they love to win!! 
(even though in my room the only thing ya get for winning is "the good feeling of winning"

I broke these out to get me and my babies through the month of May!

We do artic drill. We answer questions. We drill sight words.  We rhyme words.  Some of the little guys are doing auditory memory drill.  
We do it all, and when they've done their tasks well, they get a turn at a board game. 
That's how we roll.  (ha! the dice- literally) 

We did the Fiesta game board when we learned about Cinco De Mayo last week and this little mermaid game board is what's on tap for my little group of giggly girls tomorrow...

When I want the game to last long {so that they get plenty of skills practice}, 
I use a spinner or dice that only goes up to 3.                    

When it's an early dismissal schedule like today, I use a spinner that goes up to 5 or 6 (or a standard dice) to make the game go by quickly.    

          I'm sneaky like that ;)

If you need something to cram as much speech practice as possible 
into the glorious month of May, you can find my 
'"May and Beyond" open ended game boards 

Oh! By the way, have you checked you the big "Speech-er Appreciation" Sale at Tpt?!?  
Everything in my TpT store is 20% off today and tomorrow 
Then just use the CODE TAD13 for an extra 8% off.  
The same goes for many more SLP stores~
Oh my, I love a good deal!

Happy May, y'all!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's official- I'm a "word chick!" My bracelet says so.

Hi there!! 
It's Sunday night and I'm procrastinating!
{ugh, there's so much laundry...
..and thank goodness for the frozen gumbo I found in the freezer that we will call dinner. 

Not that anyone is counting (yeah, right) but I do believe I only have 
14 days of school/work this school year. (That calls for a yippee!) 

I love my students and the people I work with but this girl is ready for a break. 

A break from the pressure, the rush, the deadlines and the 
5-days-a-week-grind-then-spend-the-weekend-doing-the chores routine! 
I want to have the time & energy to be proper mom and wife;  to see my friends;  to catch up on projects around the house;  to breathe.
(anyone feel the same?) 

This weekend while my youngest son was on a band trip in Dallas, TX, my husband and I also headed west and escaped to a little town near Dallas called Canton. 
Heard of it?  

If you're a girl who loves antiques, vintage junk, or just plain ole shopping like I do, you probably have! 

500 acres of shopping absolutely blew my mind! This was our first time at Canton's First Monday Trade Days, but it will not be our last.  

We brought home quite a bit of treasure, but my favorite find was this little trinket...

While I was in the ladies' room,  my husband stumbled upon a booth with vintage typewriter key jewelry.  As soon as I walked out, he hauled me over there 
(he knows me so well:) 
I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I felt weak!....drunk on vintage word jewelry I s'pose.

Oh my, it was so hard to choose - I wanted it all! 
I bought about 6 pieces of this to-die-for jewelry 
(and my new friend a.k.a. the artist of this cool stuff,  Andrea, threw in a groovy ring made from a shift key :)   

I've been called a lot of things.  Bookworm.  Word Nerd.  Word Whiz.  
I mean, words are my job!!  
But this is the best of all: WORD CHICK.   
Gotta love that.  
I'm declaring myself an official word chick because my bracelet says so.

If you're reading this, you're probably a word chick, too.  If you're drooling over this bracelet, I'm all too happy to tell you where you can find one for yourself 
{and more vintage typewriter jewelry}
Check out and tell her Mia sent you :)

Oh and since I had a 7 hour ride home, I whipped up a little something for speech therapy this week.
{the therapy I shall do whilst wearing my new bracelet that makes me giddy}

 It's a new quick drill activity that can be incorporated into any and every therapy goal with a little cleverness. 

Popsicles make me almost as happy as new trinkets.  In fact, that reminds me that I should go buy some popsicles for my students. 
With real popsicles we can incorporate some oral motor work, too!!  
(and who doesn't love eating popsicles at school!?) 

If you need popsicles, you can find my POPSICLE QUICK DRILL HERE

Happy therapizing! Hope your weekend was full of fun, too! 


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