Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I love a great "catch-all" activity....and A GIVEAWAY!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, in the last 6 months since starting this blog, I've been having more than my share of fun meeting and collaborating with SLPs from all over the country!  

One of my new SLP friends is Jessica over at Figuratively Speeching SLP
 (Hey, you can also just click on her blog button posted here on my blog on the right side of the screen:) 
She's from the great state of New York (one of my current obsessions) and I'm more than tempted to make a little trip over there to meet her in the flesh! Until then, I'm doing a little review of one of her activities which happens to be a favorite of mine! 

You know those days when you're struggling to get through the last weeks of the school year? 
Some of you may be at that point right now.  
You've done every activity in your arsenal and you're just over them all. 
Well,  Jessica came to the rescue by sending me over this fun and versatile activity. 

I used it both with my daily reading intervention group  AND my language groups.  It includes all of the skills listed above! 
Lots of cards (hellllooo, 208 in all!!) to practice a variety of skills.  
Something for every kid on your caseload.  Love that!  
It happened to be perfect for one my little girls who is working on auditory memory skills.  Besides that, the description cards would work perfectly for Expanding Expressions Tool (EET) users!  

The little game board was super motivating. I was afraid I would get protests from the boys, but the premise of "saving the princess" totally hooked them.  A few of them commented that it was "like Mario" saving the princess.  Aha!!  
 Besides, all the cool characters from Tangled were there.  Besides Rapunzel, the boys were stoked to see Flynn Rider, Pascal (the chameleon), and Maximus (the horse)! 

But my favorite part?  You can use it for articulation therapy, too!!  The open ended game board came in handy for articulation drill and kept my little ones interested. 

 I even used the language cards during articulation therapy so that I could hear how my students were producing "their sounds" while reading and answering spontaneously.

 Like I said, this is a great "catch-all" activity. Those are my favorite kind! So much so that I just added a custom category called "catch-all" to my TpT Store . I love it when you can tackle language, articulation and even fluency with one great activity. 

Thanks Jessica for sending me this great packet and for letting me review it.  It will be a go-to of mine from now on! 

If you'd like you can follow Jess @  her blog, on facebook (she's often doing great freebie and sales!) or TpT .  If you need her Race to the Princess Language Games ASAP, you can find that HERE

OR JUST ENTER TO WIN!  Jessica is giving away a copy to 3 lucky readers!! Woohoo!! 
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Are you feeling lucky!?!  


Friday, June 7, 2013

June Link-Up!

Laura over at Oh How Pintearesting has a link up party for J.U.N.E. going on at her blog....
so I'm linking up! 
She always has fun and creative things going on over there! 
(you can link up, too, check it out!)

This June link up is in honor of DADS and FATHER's DAY! See the neato mustaches? 
This is near and dear to my heart because I'm a COMPLETE Daddy's Girl.  
In fact, today I'm heading 100 miles west to pay my dad a visit (since school is out!). 
He had a birthday this week (86!) and I just miss him.  

My Dad is a go-getter, even at 86;  he loves life and his family more than anyone I know. 
He raised me in a gentle, loving manner that I can't even explain. He also spoiled me rotten but still taught me to be grateful for my blessings and to work hard for what I want to achieve.  Thanks, Dad!
(yes, he will probably see this or my mom will show him :) 
But I digress.... on with the link up!!

Jamming  to my summer playlist! 
Ok, I admit it, I'm beyond obsessed with my iPhone.  Equally as obsessed with making playlists for every ocassion under the sun.  So of course, I have a summer playlist with my most FAVORITIST songs of the moment :)  including a hodge podge of music that makes me happy AND some cliche' summer classics.  Beautiful Day by Joshus Radin, Lego House by Ed Sheeran, Downtown by Lady Antebellum, Just Give me a Reason by Pink, It Keeps Rainin'  (Fats Domino remade by Robert Plant!) just to name a few.   
Oh Wait- the cliche' summer classics! Fun, Fun, Fun by the Beach Boys, Two Pina Coladas by Garth Brooks, Summer Breeze by Seals & Croft, Toes by The Zac Brown Band and the list goes on

Unwinding in the pool! 
It's the only way to be outdoors in the Louisiana summer! You could DIE out there!  
5 years ago we built a pool.  It's a pain in the butt but we love it! 
You can find ME ..with BOOK.... and ICE COLD BEVERAGE.... on float... in that pool.  
Except today. 
I'm nursing a wicked sunburn from too much unwinding in the pool  

Needing nothing!
At risk of boring you to death,  there's nothing I need!  School is out.  My family is well.  My kids are happy.  I'm holding my breath and counting my blessings and I need nothing else.

Excited about a summer full of fun and relaxation! 
Even though I'm doing a little speech therapy this summer- the mission for summer is to is to have fun and relax! We have a couple of little trips to the beach planned ( I love living on the gulf coast!) in addition to a whole lot of bumming around, movie watching, pool lounging, book reading, friend visiting, flip flop shopping, snowball eating, and well, you get the point.  Oh! and Tpt activity making! I have some new stuff in the works :)

What about you?  What's your plans for JUNE?  
Tell me , tell me!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SLPs united for a cause

I've been on summer break now for 12 days!! 
Oh my, it's pure bliss!! 
Coffee with my husband and pup in the mornings....
naps in the afternoon....
poolside lounging....no alarm clock....no rushing.  That's the best part.
And speech therapy.  
Yep, I'm doing some private therapy in the summer with 2 of sweet little boys.  
It's keeping me from becoming a complete and absolute bum! 

And there's LOTS going in the speech therapy world! 
One of the unexpected bonuses of starting this blog 6 months ago has been meeting SLP bloggers across the country- several who I now call friends! 

After all the years of being leery of my teenage boys' "cyber friends" I now have my own cyber friends.  Would've never predicted that!

When the devastating tornado on May 20 struck Oklahoma, my blogger friends and I couldn't stop talking about it. We wanted to help. 
We knew that a fellow blogger, Amy Minor, was in the midst of the turmoil.  

My smart "SLP cyber friends" came up with the idea of raising money by selling our TpT products for the Moore, OK cause.  Then it snowballed! Soon our small group of SLP bloggers teamed up with more bloggers (who were wanting to do the same thing!) and soon...

SLPs from every corner of the country came together for a common cause.  

Being from Louisiana, I'm no stranger to hurricanes, but it's always been the tornadoes that I fear.  Many times my family and I have hunkered down in a bathtub or closet during tornado warnings.  I can't even imagine what the folks in Moore, OK went through. I can't imagine having one strike while at school. My heart goes out to the people of OK. 

One of the bloggers that I have followed for a while now, Amy Minor over at Major Speech Pathology Fun from a Minor Girl, experiences the Moore, OK tornado on May 20 firsthand.  You can read her account of it HERE

Amy kept us informed about happenings in Oklahoma and let us know that there were 4 SLPs in Moore who lost everything when the tornadoes completely destroyed 2 schools there.  

Our group of now 50 SLPs got things in motion to help.  We came together to form the group SLPS CARE FOR OKLAHOMA on Teachers Pay Teachers.   

By all 50 of us contributing our TpT products, we have developed TWO MEGA BUNDLES of printable speech and language materials!  Each have over $140 worth of activities, but we are selling them each for only $15 over at our TpT store.  
100% of the money raised goes straight to the SLPs in Moore, OK so they can rebuild their therapy supplies.  

If you want to help, (and show those SLPs some love) you can purchase the bundles HERE

I contributed one of my bestsellers, Making Inferences/Drawing Conclusions with Text Messages to Bundle 2 and designed our logo in honor of OK :) 

The bundles each have 25-30 activities and they're only available in the month of June! 

Here's the crazy part- In the last 5 days, we have already raised over $12,800 for the Moore SLP fund!!

What!?  That's just unbelievable!! 
More proof that SLPs are a caring, generous group of helping professionals. 
It's not just money that we're contributing, it's the nod of support for our cohorts in need. 

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased a bundle or 2 :)

Bunches and bunches of SLP corporations have also joined in on the giving and donated supplies, equipment and apps.  Read more about that at Amy Minor's blog HERE

And guess what!? Currently our awesome bundles are the #1 and #2 sellers on all of TpT! 
We are blown away by everyone's support of this great cause!


Who knows where this exciting fundraiser will go!?  I plan to keep you updated :)
As of now, I don't believe that all of affected SLPs are fully aware that this is being done for them. 
Can you imagine how overwhelmed (in a very good way!) they will be when they find out? 
No doubt that will be much more priceless than the money raised. 

“Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water -it will make ripples throughout the entire pond...” 
― Jessy and Bryan Matteo


Oh and more thing.....SHOUT OUT to 3 go-getter SLPs 
Kelly,  Natalie, and Jess whose great ideas and hard work sparked this effort!

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