Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I love a great "catch-all" activity....and A GIVEAWAY!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, in the last 6 months since starting this blog, I've been having more than my share of fun meeting and collaborating with SLPs from all over the country!  

One of my new SLP friends is Jessica over at Figuratively Speeching SLP
 (Hey, you can also just click on her blog button posted here on my blog on the right side of the screen:) 
She's from the great state of New York (one of my current obsessions) and I'm more than tempted to make a little trip over there to meet her in the flesh! Until then, I'm doing a little review of one of her activities which happens to be a favorite of mine! 

You know those days when you're struggling to get through the last weeks of the school year? 
Some of you may be at that point right now.  
You've done every activity in your arsenal and you're just over them all. 
Well,  Jessica came to the rescue by sending me over this fun and versatile activity. 

I used it both with my daily reading intervention group  AND my language groups.  It includes all of the skills listed above! 
Lots of cards (hellllooo, 208 in all!!) to practice a variety of skills.  
Something for every kid on your caseload.  Love that!  
It happened to be perfect for one my little girls who is working on auditory memory skills.  Besides that, the description cards would work perfectly for Expanding Expressions Tool (EET) users!  

The little game board was super motivating. I was afraid I would get protests from the boys, but the premise of "saving the princess" totally hooked them.  A few of them commented that it was "like Mario" saving the princess.  Aha!!  
 Besides, all the cool characters from Tangled were there.  Besides Rapunzel, the boys were stoked to see Flynn Rider, Pascal (the chameleon), and Maximus (the horse)! 

But my favorite part?  You can use it for articulation therapy, too!!  The open ended game board came in handy for articulation drill and kept my little ones interested. 

 I even used the language cards during articulation therapy so that I could hear how my students were producing "their sounds" while reading and answering spontaneously.

 Like I said, this is a great "catch-all" activity. Those are my favorite kind! So much so that I just added a custom category called "catch-all" to my TpT Store . I love it when you can tackle language, articulation and even fluency with one great activity. 

Thanks Jessica for sending me this great packet and for letting me review it.  It will be a go-to of mine from now on! 

If you'd like you can follow Jess @  her blog, on facebook (she's often doing great freebie and sales!) or TpT .  If you need her Race to the Princess Language Games ASAP, you can find that HERE

OR JUST ENTER TO WIN!  Jessica is giving away a copy to 3 lucky readers!! Woohoo!! 
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Are you feeling lucky!?!  



  1. What a cute packet! Love when materials can target several goals and be used with more than one group!

    1. Me too, Steel Magnolia!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hope you entered the giveaway and good luck!


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