Tuesday, July 16, 2013

S-peachy Feedback!

Ok so if you aren't a TpT seller, you may not realize that nothing makes my day 
(or any seller's day) like feedback!

I have the TpT App on my phone and everytime someone leaves feedback for one of my TpT products, my phone makes the happiest little chime sound!!  
It's better than a facebook or instagram notification X 100.  The chime even has the power to make me emerge from a comfy nap to clamber to my phone to read your feedback 
(true story- happened yesterday).

If I could I would seriously hug you "feedbackers" right through my iPhone.   
{I'm from the south-you know- we are huggers} 

I read every. single. word. of the feedback that people so graciously leave and 
I hang on every word.  
It motivates me to keep creating new activities.  Some of you even have great suggestions on how to use some of the products in an unexpected way.  Others sometimes have ideas to help me make products even better. 
(which I'm always up for doing!) 

So THANK YOU to everyone who shops in my TpT store--- and an extra thank you to those who leave feedback.  I try to reply to every single comment but sometimes real life (kids, jobs, cooking, doggies, laundry, etc) gets in the way.  Just know that every bit of feedback means so much to me.

Nicole Allison over at Speech Peeps came up with a great idea to help us SLPs on TpT express our gratitude to our followers who take the time to leave feedback.  She is having a feedback linky party on her blog, and we are going to make this a new monthly "thing." 
YOU getting rewarded for thoughtful feedback!

After reading back through my feedback, I found so many great comments, but this month I wanna send a shout out to Erin Dunkle.  Erin, I hope you're out there and reading this.  
I love your feedback!

Here are just a few of my faves: 

For Open Ended Game Boards for May & Beyond....   

Erin even made suggestions that I totally used to make Birds vs. Pigs Articulation Games BETTER!

Erin Dunkle,  whereever you may be, your feedback always makes my day- 
so I want to make yours....
email me at miamcdaniel@gmail.com and tell me what product you'd like from my store.  It will be my gift to you for your contiuous fun and friendly feedback! 

Thanks Nicole Allison for the great idea! Let's do this again next month!! 
See you here! 


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