Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday fun and a SALE!

Hi everyone, I hope this Saturday finds you relaxing or doing something fun!! 
As for me and my bunch, we spent the morning dishing out and selling jambalaya plates for my son, Riley's, high school band fundraiser. 

Outside.   In south Louisiana.

IT.   WAS.   HOT....

 but it was fun----and I got a free facial from standing over the jambalaya pot :)


That's my baby.   Growing up too fast.  Is he cute, or what?  Even better, he's a sweetie.

Now I'm off to shop for shoes and some neccesities for my "speech room."  
I hope I hit a shoe sale!! 

Speaking of sales, tomorrow is Teacher Pay Teacher's big Back to School SALE!
Everything at my store will be 20% off PLUS with code BTS13, TpT will give you an extra 8% off! 
That's 28% off my whole store - all 66 of my products- 
Sunday August 18 and Monday August 19 only!

Thanks to my friend Jennifer at Speech Universe for the owl graphic!

See ya at the sale! My cart is already full! 



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