Monday, September 16, 2013

Who's ready for SLP Trivia Night?

It's no secret that I LOVE trivia!
  I have several trivia products in my TpT Store, and 
I'm one of those geeky people that still thinks Trivial Pursuit is fun! 
In a nutshell, I'm so excited that tomorrow night is SLP Trivia Night at my 
Your favorite SLP bloggers have all been taking turns hosting trivia night and tomorrow it's my turn!

Nooooo, my trivia won't be that hard! Instead of Genius Edition, it will be the Speech & Language Edition
I'm ready to test your knowledge and your SLP skills (you know you have skills!) 
- maybe even a little about what you know about me, my store, and my blog. 

Join me on facebook at 7:00 PM Central Time for the first round of trivia! There will three rounds throughout the evening- each with 5 questions. Post your answers by commenting on my facebook post, and after 10 minutes, the names of everyone with the 5 correct answers will be entered at - which will randomly choose a winner!

Winners will receive their choice of product from my TpT Store 

Thanks to Kristin over at Simply Speech for setting this up!  Thanks also to Carrie over at Carrie's Speech Corner for the too-cute owl graphic!

Hope you will all come and play with me! 
See ya there & Good Luck! 


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