Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bonkers in my speech room

Whew, What a day!! What a month!!
I've finally come up for air from this busy, busy month.  
My family is neck deep in football season, or as we call it, marching band season
My husband has started a new job. Oh, and we've adopted a stray cat!! 

If you've been following me on facebook or instagram, you already know things have been kicking in my speech room! Halloween is my favorite time of year. It's just fun!! 

Since my EET kit finally came in, we have been working hard to learn to use it to the fullest. 
We've been doing some Halloween painting and describing using EETchy! We are loving EETchy! 

We've also been using the dot art pages for articulation therapy and homework! 

These pages are all part of my Halloween Fun Pack that I used and abused this month! 
We've also been "mashing" Monsters.  It's an oldie and goodie that I bought for 5 bucks in 1998. If you ever find it, GET IT.  It's a huge motivator! 

It's no secret I love seasonal games, themes and board games
I know some SLPs are anti-games, but I just find they can be incorporated into any goals and motivate kids to try their best. 

This little quick drill game  on the left managed to score 100 productions from my kids this month.  Yeehaw!! 

Magic Potions were a big hit, too.  Did you grab that Magic Potions Madness Game during the 4 days it was free? 

If you didn't catch that free, be sure to catch this....

I created this right after a near meltdown (of mine!) over the fact that we are not concentrating enough on grammar in the curriculum.  As a result, my students truly don't know the difference between run-ons, fragments and complete sentences. I'm worried about the kind of writers our schools are creating (but that's a soap box for another day). 
So if run-ons & fragments make you want to SCREAM, you may want to download this little freebie. :)

Last but not least, I ran across this old school cereal while I was browsing in Target...

Man, oh man, it brought me right back to the 80s!! 
As a kid I loved this cereal, so I bought it to chow down on.  

Uhhhhhh, it wasn't quite as good as I remembered (yuck!) so I decided to haul it to school and turn these sugary morsels into speech tokens for the month! 

The kids loved using the cereal pieces as token for  the "roll and cover" games (from my trusty Halloween fun pack again). At first I had the cereal in individual baggies for them, but these 2 kiddos here  just kind of went bonkers and tore into the bag.  Candy corn works great for this, too. 

Bonkers occurs only ocassionally in my speech room, I swear. 

And let me tell you, bonkers "happened" today in my speech room. Can't wait to share that with you tomorrow! Don't go too far! 

Is your October action packed, too?? 
What kind of freaky fun is going on in your speech room? 

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