Friday, November 8, 2013

Hello November

Like most SLPs all around America,  I started doing Thanksgiving themed therapy as soon as we said good-bye to Halloween! I love November, and I am the proud owner of an arsenal of Thanksgiving projects and activities that I've stockpiled over the years.  

This is one of my old faithfuls. 

The 3 of us SLPs at my school break it out and dust it off every year, and it never seems to get old. 

What's the end-all be-all "symbol" of Thanksgiving? Why, turkeys, of course!  So this week we commenced with the making of the turkeys....fingerprint style!

If you read my recent post with the fall tree freebie, you already know that I'm all about fingerprint art. 

My boys are grown but but nothing says "kid-art-project-mom-will-keep-forever" like fingerprints. 

It just so happens that fingerprints make perfect turkey feathers!

My students had the choice to make just the turkey (as shown above) or use one of these options: 

I had stamp pads in various colors, and the kids used their fingerprints to make the turkey's feathers (staying between the arched lines for each row of feathers). 

They also made thumbprints that made up the turkey's head and body. Finally, they used markers to draw in eyes, a beak, a waddle and turkey legs.


For language students I used this  as a follow up activity after a Thanksgiving book or as an activity for following directions. 

With one language group, I had students describe and write about their turkey. 

For articulation students, I did drill as usual and allowed the students to add X number of leaves to their turkey after each round of drill.  

They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.!

Most wanted to take their turkeys home immediately, but a few kids let me keep them to show off on my wall. 

The only thing that sort of upset me was that the only thing my students knew about Thanksgiving was "we eat turkey" so next week I'm on a mission to do some serious Thanksgiving education.  

There's so much more to Thanksgiving that TURKEY 
(although we did have fun making these!) 

If you fancy these fingerprint turkeys and are brave enough to break out the ink in your speech room,  you can download my fingerprint turkey art templates HERE.  

I'd love to hear your comments if you download! 
Even better... 
I'd love for you to post photos of your turkey masterpieces on my facebook page! 

Come back soon for more Thanksgiving fun!!

Oh and since it's the season for thankfulness, I should say....

 I'm oh-so-thankful you spent a little time reading my blog today.


  1. Hi Mia. Your thumbprint turkey tails are absolutely delightful. LOVE them! I'm now your newest follower. :)

    Kelly, from
    Kelly's Classroom

  2. I downloaded these right adorable! Thank you!


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