Monday, December 30, 2013

It's my Bloggy Birthday!

Today is December 30th! Exactly one year ago I officially became a blogger! 
Yep, that's's my bloggy birthday!   
On Dec. 30, 2012 at 3:19 in the morning I posted my very first post.  
It was my New Year's resolution to start a blog, and I did it!! 
I'm slightly shocked I stuck with it, but I did.... because I love it :)

Yayyy!! I'm ONE (or at least my blog is!) 

(Oh! Thanks to the 3am teacher for this cool frame and My Clipart Store for the adorable cupcake!) 

As corny as it sounds, writing has been as passion of mine since I was a young girl, and when I put it aside in exchange for writing IEPs and speech and language evaluations, my son (who is a real, bonafide writer with papers to prove it), my husband and my mom kept urging me to write...ya know....something besides paperwork! 

I had no idea what I was doing on that night, and honestly, I still don't much of the time, but it has been so much fun learning!  Even more than that, it has been so awesome meeting other SLPs across the country -and beyond! Wow! 

Over the past year I have been so inspired by other bloggers (who I now happily call friends) and by YOU readers!! I mean who the heck would have ever thought that anyone would actually read what I write!?  Of course, I knew my family would 
(but I thought that would probably be it). 
My mind is boggled and my heart is full each time someone leaves a comment on a post. 

  THANK YOU to everyone out there who takes the time to stop by my little blog, to encourage and support me, to listen to my ramblings, to leave me little notes on facebook and instagram and to shop in my TpT store. 

You have truly made me a better SLP.   

I'm so excited to be starting another fun year of sharing my speech room and my life with you.  

So what's a birthday without a party!?  And presents!! There must be presents!! 
to say thank you for following! 
Thank you for commenting, emailing and leaving feedback at my store! 
Thank you for telling your fellow speechies about me. 
Thank you for pinning! 
Every single small gesture of support means the world to me. 
Thank you for the little messages to say that that you dig the speechie stuff I make .
Thanks for all the click, click, clicking on my links. 
Our jobs are unbelievably rewarding but also hard and overwhelming at times. 
Knowing we're all in the same boat makes it easier and more fun! 
Thanks for choosing to stick with me on this adventure!

Today on my bloggy birthday and for the next 3 days, I will be giving away some pretty neat stuff! 

Stop by each day to ENTER TO WIN prizes presents!!!  Of course, there will be prizes presents from my store but also from some of my fabulous blogger friends and favorite clipart artists.  Besides that, I will have a guest post from one of my clever and thrifty friends!

Each giveaway will last only 1 day! Products will be revealed the day of the giveaway and the winner will be announced the next day along with the next day's giveaway!

Wanna know what you can win today? 
Well, it's a bundle of goodies from these awesome SLPs!

1) A HUGE packet called  Articulation Placemats- homework sheets  & drill activities
    from the very first blogger who reached out to me, my good friend and the best 
    proofreader- Jessica over at Figuratively Speeching SLP    

2) Why do I Come to Speech Therapy mini books from Teach Speech 365. I absolutely love 
     her blog- you should check it out if you haven't!  I hope one day to blog as frequently as 
     she does! 

3) Literacy Checklists that I AM IN LOVE WITH from Maria (who I adore!) over at    

4) Candy Crunch /s/ sounds articulation packet from my new friend and a talented blogger 
     who is always full of cool ideas, Jennifer a.k.a SLP runner!! 

5) Where is the Snowman?  Preposition Pack for Speech and Language  from my sweet, 
     smart and supportive friend Rae over at Rae's Speech Spot

6) From Felice, the Dabbling Speechie, (whose blog I was reading long before I started mine!) this super cute Build a Snowman Articulation Game for s, z, r, l, l blends and s blends!

7) Lastly you will win New Year Traditions {responding to non-fiction text} from ME! 

Good luck!! 
So glad you're here to celebrate with me! 
Winners will be announced here and on my facebook page tomorrow! 

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  1. You are a wonderful writer and have a terrific blog! I'm so happy that you took the plunge to start your blog one year ago! Happy One Year Blogiversary!!! Please keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to more great posts in 2014! Manda


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