Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bloggy Birthday Day 2!

Wow!! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and congrats to the Day 1 giveaway winner,    Erin Dunkle!! Yayyy!! You'll be getting some goodies in your email! 

 Let's carry on with the bloggy birthday festivities, shall we?! 

Today I want to share with you a guest post by a blogger I really admire, Miss Thrifty SLP! Have you been to her blog?? Man, oh, man she has the best ideas!  I'm constantly blown away her DIYs and frugal finds! Here is another one of her clever ideas:   

Hello everyone! I am so honored to be writing this guest post for the lovely and creative Mia. If you follow my blog, Miss Thrifty SLP, you have probably noticed my recent trend in social skills activities. It's an area where I am building up my materials library and clinical skills through trial and error (as well as lots of research). Right now, my younger social skills groups are learning about emotions using our emotions journal. I am trying to move them away from the clip art images now to environmental images, such as actual pictures and movie clips. This inspired me to create another simple DIY project. You can use these to simply identify the emotion as well as to follow simple directions. 

Step One: Grab some magazines, newspapers, or catalogs with lots of people pictures. Cut out the ones that speak to you. I love using Super Duper catalogs for many of my crafting projects as their models show a variety of expressions.

Step Two: Make sure the pictures are cut to size. I like to leave just a slight edge around mine.

Step Three: Tape the pictures to strips of construction paper. I always cut out one long rectangle strip to use as my sizing guide to keep them fairly consistent. It's handy to keep a large stack of these blank strips ready for spur of the moment projects.

Step Four: Laminate.

It took me roughly 40 minutes to do this project. It may take a little bit less or more time depending on how picky you are with crafting. The total cost was $0.  

P.S. You can make a similar project with stickers for following directions. 

Thanks Andrea!! I think I will look at my Super Duper Catalogs in a whole new way now!! 

Now let's talk about what I'm giving away today! 
Some of your favorite bloggers pitched in the prizes  presents for today! 
Check it out! 
Are you ready!?

1) From my friend Jen @ Speech Universe (whose blog I was reading long before I started mine) you can win her Winter Phonological Awareness  pack! 34 pages of phonological fun! 

2) From fellow Louisiana bloggers-Tech 'n Talk SLPs- check this out....
    NO PRINT Rhyming, Recalling and Responding with Initial r  designed for use on an iPad,  
    iBooks or computer! Ingenius!  I can't wait to try it! 

3) From Lora at Chatterbox Speech (one of the wittiest SLPs I know!) you can win Roll and 
     Say CVCs featuring /k/ in the final position.  
4) From my good Texan friend, Natalie at Just Wright Speech, check out her Category Sort- Holiday Edition!

5) From another great southern blogger and friend of mine....Karen at the Speech Umbrella and the Posh SLP .... is her Love-y Monkeys for /k/ and /g/ product (so cute!)  

6)  From my blogger buddy, Abby over at Schoolhouse Talk, you can win....a whole BUNDLE of her Itty Bitty Books featuring later developing sounds!  

I am in love with these! 
There's /l/, /r/, /l/ blends, /s/ blends, sh, ch, j and th up for grabs.
You can see these and more of them in her TpT store

Whew! That's A LOT! 
So let's do it!! 
Enter now because this giveaway ends at midnight!! 
I'll be announcing the winner here tomorrow as well as on my facebook page! 
Good Luck! 
May the odds be ever in your favor! 
(OMG I just saw Catching Fire and I'm obsessed! Can ya tell?)


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  1. This is fun. I like how you are describing products and sellers. You are so creative.

  2. I agree with Kathy. I want these products SOOOO bad! You are describing them very well and they all look awesome!!! Manda


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