Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today is St. Patrick's Day- no longer much fun for kiddos in our public school who wear uniforms. Navy uniform tops and khaki pants mean .... you WILL get pinched for St. Patty's!! 
So I loaded up on St. Pat's stickers to pass around in the hallway this morning to protect any would-be "pinchees."   

As for me, I'm all into the wearing of the green!! Green is very my favorite color to wear!
Follow me on Instagram for a peek at my St. Patty's attire! I would say that Instagram is my favorite social media outlet right now, and I post on it everyday or so! Come join in on the fun! 

Since we've come back from our glorious Mardi Gras break, it's been nothing but St. Patrick's fun in my speech room!  Tomorrow we are moving onto Easter! 

Wanna take a flashback peek on my St. Patty's activities? 

We played my pick a stick - make a rainbow activity.  I blogged about it last year at this time.  Check it out- it includes a free download and explanation of how YOU can make this versatile game, too, and it's fun all year round! 

We did lots of arts and crafts featuring that sneaky old leprechaun's pot of gold!! 

^^^Another oldie but goodie- you can find directions for this fun project here (again, along with a free download for you) 

For the little bitties, we did some mess-free dot art painting for the same effect...

This one came from my St. Patrick's Day Fun Pack. I seriously don't know what I'd do without my dot paint- all the fun of painting without giving me heart palpitations. 

OF COURSE, we did some St. Patrick's Day quick drill - complete with pot of gold! Of course, I buried the card before the little hands pulled a card! 

This even came in handy for my kindergarten DIBELS intervention group. We read CVC words and then they got to pick a card from the pot of gold! 

We had a little friendly competition in the speech room while answering questions and doing artic drill a la some St. Pat's board games….

I'm happy to report no one pitched a fit when they lost the game.  Yayyy!  I love this time of year when you start to notice the little guys are maturing.  

Finally, lots of speech homework has been going home (and coming back) which makes this chick happy. 

Hope you all had a fun and festive St. Patrick's Day! 
What did YOU do in your speech room to celebrate!? 


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