Monday, June 2, 2014


Well, hello there! 
I feel like I've abandoned my little blog :(  
Even though there are countless tidbits that I want to write about swimming around in my noggin all the time (and feeding my insomnia), I rarely get time to sit and write.  I post far too seldom, but that's about to change! 
Why, you ask?  

It's summer - that's why!!  SLP Mia is about to take a backseat to SUMMERTIME MIA!  Well, technically, I still do therapy in the summer with some private kiddos, BUT I just earned some serious “me time” to do the other things I love.  Not to mention, I get some time focus on my own kids and spending time with my boyfriend (ok he's actually my husband but it still feels like he's my boyfriend which is so cool.) 

You see, the school year wrapped up over 2 weeks ago for me.  
Can I get a round of applause for that lovely statement?  
 Isn't the last day of a school year just a glorious day?  
I mean, it’s not that I don’t love what I do or that I won’t miss my babies - because I definitely do and will BUT there’s just something about having those summer weeks without RUN-RUN-RUNNING around like a crazy person that helps me breathe better.  Helps me BE a better me.  No pressure........just ahhhhhhhh. 
Hear that?  That’s me exhaling. 

We ended the school year with our big end-of-the-year speech summer trivia competitions, heads up app fun, popsicle slurping and bubble blowing extravaganza...

.....and then we sent the kiddies away for the summer

These guys pretty much sum it up

I have been doing a little of this,

but the very thing I did was help my two sweet nieces (look at them below how cute!) throw a SURPRISE teacher retirement party for my sister-in-law, Lisa, and her best friend.  

My nieces and I all live two hours away from where the party was so it was quite a complicated operation!! Thank goodness my mom and a few others back in Mamou helped us pull it off.   

One of the things I was “in charge” of was making signs!! I put my TpT skills to use to bang out some signs for those 2 lucky first grade teachers!  That was so much fun - here are a few of my faves:

So my sis-in-law and her friend were tickled and I think the party was hit so my first mission of the summer has been accomplished! 

Speaking of bucket lists- I’m making my summer bucket list now. 
#1 on my bucket list- BLOG MORE! 

  Oh, and since the retirement party is checked off the list, my next mission was Operation NOLA (that stands for New Orleans, Louisiana) 
More on that next time! 
Stay tuned!

Hope you are basking in the joy of summer, too! If not, hang in there! 


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  1. We got out a couple of weeks ago, too! I'm just now getting into the things on my summer bucket list that I want to do. We need at least a week just to wind down and catch our breath, no?


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