Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 4 of my Bloggy Birthday!

Congrats to Julie Graham who is the lucky winner of the Day 3 Bundle! The new year is off to a great start for you, Julie! You must've eaten your lucky black eyed peas today! 
Your loot will be coming to ya via email! 

This is it.  The last hoorah.  
All good things must come to an end. 

For those of you SLPs going back to work today.....ooooh....I hope the first day back isn't too much of a shock to the system.  There will be many a holiday story to listen to.  
The kids are always so excited to tell what they did over their break- and some of them- what Santa brought to them.  

I don't go back until Monday so I'm relishing EVERY SECOND I HAVE LEFT.  
Today, I confess, I didn't get out of my PJs.  
We had a New Year's Day feast complete with greens and black eyed peas and a scrumptious roast and carrots.  Oh! I forgot to mention pie for dessert.
Then like those veggies we devoured, we vegged.  We vegged like experts.  

Also, Madame Grand Doigts "passed" at our house.  (That's Lady Long Fingers in English, y'all).  True to Cajun tradition, she left candy, money and fruit in the boys' stockings.  Apparently, they were good this year.  Had they been bad she would have just pulled their toes in the night with her long, creepy fingers.  

Hope the first day of the new year was a good one for you, too!

How let's get on with the giveaway goodies!
Just like Christmas break is coming to a heartbreaking end, so is this giveaway.  

The prizes again include some stellar products from my bloggy friends and a clipart artist I've come to know and adore (probably because I'm always stalking her store!) 
Thanks, y'all, for joining in on the fun and donating such cool items! 

1) From your favorite twin sisters, and definitely mine, Manda and Shanda at Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy have generously pitched in their Winter Themed Post Vocalic R Articulation Packet!  It's 48 pages of /r/ fun!  I love a good /r/ product! 

2) From my new friend Rose over at Speech Snacks -where she is always dishing out the great ideas, you can win her Recipe Calendar Keepsake: A Delicious Year of Speech, Language and Learning.   I can't even say enough about this unique product-it's all of Rose's fun, easy and yummy themed recipes integrated into a calendar.  I am printing this the very day I go back to school! 

3) From the lovely Kari at Rock Chalk Speech Talk (a recent edublog nominee I might add!) you can win her Build Your Own Super Hero, an open ended general reinforcer game. If you haven't been to Kari's blog- GO! She's full of fresh ideas! 

4)  From my friend, Kelly at Speech2U, who constantly has me laughing yet also offers some serious words of wisdom when I need them, you can score her Interactive Flashcards: Ultimate Categories Edition.  The name describes it perfectly- it is the ultimate- and can be used for even more than just categories (I own it :) 

5) Number 5 is a great product from Kathy over at Speech all the Time. I can't say how much I admire Kathy who has been working in the public schools for well of 30 years. She really has done speech alllll the time!  Still, after all that time, she remains passionate about speech pathology and has a wonderful TpT store- especially if you work with the itty bitties.  She really rocks the early intervention!! 

6) From my fellow crafter and good friend, Rachel at Queen's Speech, you could win her 4 Syllable Word Pack . Rachel had a BIG year- she acquired a new husband, new puppy and a new blog design! 

7) Now from a very talented clipart artist whose Etsy shop I just cannot get enough of... Vanessa over at Goodness and Fun has donated the cutest Winter Owl Clipart Set.  I use her clipart all the time to make my products and am constantly checking her shop for new items.  Her sets are affordable, fun, and fresh!  Best of all, she offers both colored and blackline versions (We all know colored ink doesn't grow on trees!) 

8) From my shop you can win a couple of my favorite open ended products.  You know I love a good open ended activity!  I'm giving away my Open Ended Seasonal Game Boards (January thru April Edition) AND my Make a Pizza Pie Open Ended Game 


Best of luck to you all and thanks for celebrating with me!  


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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bloggy Birthday Giveaway Day 3

Well, I started writing this post yesterday afternoon, but the New Year festivities put a  halt to that! Then I tried finishing it after midnight but I was a tad too sentimental and the reminiscing distracted me. 
 You can read my New Year rambling here if you don't mind sticking around a minute :)

Hope you rang in the New Year with people you love. 
Last night when thinking about my resolution for 2014, I found this....

I thought this was very appropriate for day 3 of my Bloggy Birthday.  Also, I think it might be the perfect message for this new year! 

Now HERE is what you could win TODAY! 
Special thanks to the following cool and creative SLPs friends and one very talented artist!

1) From Jenn over at Straight Up Speech-who is just changed career track by taking the plunge into public school. Welcome to the school SLP club, Jenn! (She's also just an all around great person!) You can win her Winter Wonderland Open Ended Game Boards and Activities.  I love a good open ended product! 

2) From a bright, new blogger, Amy Beth at Speech-a-Saurus (who, by the way, might have the cutest blog EVER), you can win herArticulation and Phonemic Awareness Bundle!

3) Here's a twist....I'm so happy to have my friend IN REAL LIFE helping me celebrate my blog's birthday! 

Did you know that Lauren from Busy Bee Speech and I work in the same district?  Yep, we work (and live) just miles apart.  As the only Spanish speaking SLP in our district, she swoops in to save the day when I need help assessing a Spanish speaking student. She gets the credit for encouraging me to dive into the blogging and Teachers Pay Teachers world.  Thanks again, Lauren!!

No doubt you already know her stuff is fabulous, and you could win her Winter Worksheets and Homework Packet for Speech Therapy. 

4) From Tracy over at Gold Country SLP you could win her Pocket for Corduroy Book Companion. It's 49 pages, y'all!! Oh, and did I mention Tracy has been an SLP for almost 30 years!?! She's got great tips on her blog to prove it! If I were wearing a hat, Tracy, I would most certainly tip it to YOU!

5) You could also win this awesome Winter Olympics Language Packet from Carly at Happily SLP.  Seriously, I cannot wait to use this packet during the Olympics- it's got every language skill you can think of! Before she dove into TpT,  Carly was one of my best and sweetest customers and happily SLP describes her perfectly! 

6) Ready for another twist?  How about some clipart!? I have a serious clipart addiction and Linda at MyClipArtStore is one of my very favorite clipart artists! She generously donated her precious Valentine Teddys.  I visit her all the time on Etsy but you can also find her on TpT or at her website.  She never fails to have fun, affordable and flawless clipart! Oh, and follow her on facebook for fantastic freebies and coupons!  

7) Finally from me, you can win my Puppy Love Quick Drill.  I have to say this may be my favorite quick drill yet. :) Thanks, Jenn Bell, for helping me name it! Do YOU do quick artic therapy?  If not, you can read more about it here

Good Luck, y'all!! 


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Happy New Year, y’all!

Wow, I cannot believe 2013 is history. I still remember when we rang in the New Year last year.  
My husband and I barely made it to midnight awake. This year we spent the evening with our kids and friends and ended the night in front of the fireplace watching the ball drop. 

Everytime I write a blog post I keep thinking- stick to speech- that's what the readers want.
I think 2014 I'm ready to get personal- since there's more to every SLP than her job.
This is my first attempt of the year...

Our 2013 included some big fun and major milestones.  I'm so thankful for them all. 

1)  My husband and I traipsed all over NYC at the peak of Winter Storm Nemo.  Being from the south and barely ever getting a snow flurry, we had the time of our lives

2)  My son, Riley, turned 15, finished his freshman year with straight As and started to learn to drive (yikes!) Thanks to him we continued our new adventure as marching band parents. 

3) Shannon (my high school sweetheart & very best friend) and I celebrated 23 years of marriage. 

A friend took this picture of Shannon changing out my foot warmers at the 911 memorial (during the blizzard of the decade) Every girl deserves a man that will change her foot warmers and tie her shoes.  :)

4) We spent Easter (among other days) in New Orleans which was a blast.  Who knew that it was a party (granted on a much smaller scale) like Mardi Gras - with parades and all! 

5) I turned the big 4-0 with lots of fanfare (it’s not so bad) and ditched my big ‘ole SUV for a baby blue VW beetle convertible.
I don't ever want to be old at heart. No way. 

6) We watched our oldest son, Ferris, graduate from LSU with a degree in journalism and finish his first novel  - so proud of him (praying that it gets published one day!)

7) My extended family gained babies, in-laws, and my parents were well (what a blessing)

8) I experienced Canton, TX Trade Days for the first time with my husband. This little trip took care of my antique fix and spurred many DIY projects around the house! 

9) We spent another restful summer vacation on the white sand of the Gulf Coast- our feet in the surf and cold drinks & books in our hands.  Paradise.  

10) Riley and I  went back to school in August and I moved into my new (and very own) speech room for the first time in my 18 year career- that was a huge deal for me! 

11) We brought our pup Lola on her very first mini vacay to Biloxi, Mississippi. She behaved like she was born to live at the Hard Rock Hotel.  

12) I must have been pretty good at time management because I added 104 products to my TpT store!  I’m addicted to it now. I may need TpT anonymous.

13) We adopted a stray cat (or he adopted us) who we now call "Linus"- which I think he prefers to "cat." He doesn't like us very much, but he loves Lola. 

14) We spent Thanksgiving at Disney World with our kids and our 7 year old godchild (oh, and the rest of his family, too!)  Man, I have the same shirt on in this picture- I must really like it LOL 

15) We ate lots of gumbo and crawfish. We spent lazy days in the pool, getting out just to make a batch of homemade ice cream. Some days my boys and I just stayed in our PJs. 

That’s the good stuff.

16) Finally we celebrated Jesus' birthday at my Momma and Daddy's house in Mamou, LA.  Nothing like it.  Home feels good.   

At the turn of a new I’m always a little anxious- a little scared - to be honest.  I think surely I’ve been too blessed and that surely the other shoe is about to drop.  
Since I became a Mom, fear and anxiety always nag at me.  
Will we all be ok?  
Will we stay healthy and safe?  
Will my parents stay healthy, too?  
I have to remember....

As my New Year’s Resolution I’ve decided that every morning when I wake up I will approach the day with a brave spirit & positive outlook. I will experience every little joy the day brings and let the worry go. I will breathe through the things that are less than joyful and play Bob Marley on my iphone as needed. "Every little ting is gonna be alright." 
That’s not always easy for worriers.  I don't trust myself to keep this resolution so I put a few images on my phone and taped to my file cabinet at work to help keep me on track.   

What's your resolution? 

Happy New Year to you and may 2014 bring us all happy days full of good things. 
On the other days, may we all remember to breathe. 

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