Saturday, February 7, 2015

How I store my speechie stuff!

I’m linking up with my friend, Jen, from SLP runner to show you some storage solutions that I use in my speech room. 

 After about 15 years in an 8 X 8 hole of a therapy room, and sharing a room for 18 years, I finally have my very own real-people-sized classroom!  I fully realize this puts me in the minority and among the blessed. Please don't hate me :)  I have plenty of room to spread my wings now but after so many years of being squished and having to be creative with space saving, I’ve learned some tricks. 

First off, if you're like me you have a ton of TpT products.  For those, I always use good ole manila clasp envelopes. They're cheap and handy and keep everything held together nicely. I tape the cover pages to the front of the envelope and put the pieces and parts inside. I use binder clips, rubber bands or plastic bags to organize the separate the decks of cards (if there are any). 

Big products (with full pages or game boards) get large envelopes and smaller products get small envelopes. 

<<< I bought cute, green plastic bins at the Dollar Tree for 1 buck each, and I stack my packets there for see, grab, and go readiness. 

I love having my favorite go-to items close at hand!

I store away "off season" items in bins with my various seasonal items.
I have a storage bin for each season and I pile everything {else} in there.  

If my craft items for that season get out of control (on the verge of ridiculousness),
 I make a separate bin for just THAT season’s crafts. 

Of course, I have fabric bins (with labels I made) for everything under the sun.

  I lucked out that the bookshelves I’ve had a dozen years (provided by the school board) were a perfect fit for Target’s fabric bins.  My bins hold paint, preschool toys, social skills programs,  timers, prizes, Super Duper books, Phonics Faces materials, cleaning supplies, tissues, office supplies, artic cards, language workbooks.... you name it. 

I keep worksheets or other papers that I can quickly copy and use in hanging file folders in a crate- arranged by season and holiday on this super cute metal rolling shelf/cart that I bought from One King’s Lane 
(I’ve also seen this cute cart at Target and Ikea) 

I could not live without my rolling bin from Ikea.  It’s a hot mess but it’s got everything in one square foot of floor space 
(glue, crayons, stickers, scissors, chipper chat tokens and wands, pens, tongue depressors, ipad, paintbrushes, sticky notes, artic word lists, paper clips, my stapler, tape, dice, spinners), and that polka dotted 31 bag hold all of my quick drills!

Not only does it hold a LOT OF STUFF....

I can roll it over to my table or roll it to the carpet when we are having therapy on the floor. 

My last storage solution is something I just tried this school year.  I bought some fabric and cut it to fit around my large work table.  I hemmed the bottom, top and sides of the rectangles but that probably wasn't even necessary. I could have just as well used double sided taped or that handy hemming tape.   >>>>>

I starched and ironed it really well and attached it to my table using just thumb tacks {which you can see below if you look really hard.}  I overlapped the fabric to create a pleat and pressed in each thumb tack. It wasn't nearly as hard as you might think. 

I did it in panels so I can raise 1/3 of the skirt to reach certain things hidden underneath in different areas. 

Let me tell you, THERE’s A TON OF STUFF stuffed under that skirt!!  

There are stacked storage bins of all sizes,  a printer, a microwave and a refrigerator!! All of my surge protectors and wires are also hidden under there.  

It’s a hot mess under there but no one knows! Shhhhh 


Well, that's it- my solutions for storing (hoarding) all of my stuff.  If you want to read about how other SLPs stash their stuff, head over to Jen's linky party.  Don't miss Jen's post because she has some super creative storage secrets!
I'd love to hear how you manage your goodies and clutter!


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That's where I post photos everyday! 


  1. Okay, WOW!!!! That's all I can say. I want to move into your speech room and kick you out. haha Love ya, thanks for linking up Mia!

  2. What a beautiful space. I want to live there!!

  3. What a cute room and great organization ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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