Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#lucky2BEanSLP and a techy tip!

March is upon us!!! 

My students and I have been reading about lucky charms from all around the world in preparation for the fun (and weird) holiday of St. Patrick’s day, and it’s really got me thinking about how lucky I am to be an SLP.  
I’m so proud to say I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist.  

Not anyone can achieve such a hard-earned title.  You have to work harder and be smarter than the average bear.... and be a jack of many, many trades!!  Once you reach the work place, you have to constantly be on your toes and on top of trends and changes in our field.  Heck, almost every new child that I see leads me to do google google google and learn more, more more!  
No speech or language disorder or delay is exactly alike.  
We aren’t your average professional, y’all! 

There’s so many reasons I’m #lucky2BEanSLP!
It’s such a kick butt profession!! We literally change the course of people’s lives.  Communication is power, and we have the power to give that to others. 
I mean, COME ON!! THAT’s COOL!!    
That's why I am #lucky2BEanSLP: 

I’ve always worked in pedatrics, and I think all the time....at what other job would I ever score so many genuine little hugs on a daily basis?? 

In what other job would I be surrounded by giggles and milestone moments? 

Sure, there’s a little spit and snot involved (LOL) Sometimes there’s biting and chasing events, but hey, every job has its hazards :) 

Mostly, we make communicators. 
We give others a voice. 
We build crucial skills that last a lifetime.  
Pretty.      darn.     awesome.  

Did I mention there’s never a dull moment?  
Never.  Not one day.  

SLPs are the ultimate problem solving, disorder diagnosing, toddler wrangling, sentence scaffolding, fluency facilitating, speech shaping, technology toting, language building, report typing, esteem building, data taking, bubble blowing, skill drilling, storybook reading, prop playing, multi-tasking professional!  

      Join me and my fellow frenzied SLPs to proclaim why YOU are #lucky2BEanSLP

Post WHY YOU feel #lucky2BEanSLPfor the world to see-  
 on facebook, twitter or instagram!


 Here is the graphic:  

Now here is my favorite way to add text to any graphic: 
{*believe me once you learn this quick techy skill you’ll be stoked!}

1) Right Click on the Image and to download it or save it to your computer! 

2) Get a FREE ACCOUNT on PICMONKEY! It's my favorite image editing website!!     
    Seriously, it's amazing and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! By the way,  
    I'm in no way affiliated with that website nor do I get anything for saying how fab   
    it is.  I'm just a shameless fan. 

3) Once you have an account, click on EDIT on the picmonkey website! 

4) When you click edit, it will prompt you to choose the image on your computer that you want to edit, and it will plop that image right on the screen like this: 

See? There it is!!  TADA!!

6) Click the "Tt" to add text. 

7) Pick your font!!   There are so many to choose from! 
   (Later you'll definitely want to play around with the other fun features!) The ones    
   with the crown next to them cost $$.  I happily pay $4.99 monthly for the extras. 

 8) After you pick your font, click on ADD TEXT.  A text box will appear on your image.    
     You can move it wherever you would like and it will adjust automatically to '
     accommodate your text.  I chose the Chelsea Market text. 

9) Use the text options to customize your text however you like.  You can change the  
    color, size, justification, and more!  Then just click SAVE and save it to your   


You just learned a new skill that will help you customize any image for personal use! 

I hope you will "hastag up" with me and my Frenzied SLP friends to share why YOU are #lucky2BEanSLP
Tag me or another SLP to spread the luck!

Wanna know another reason I'm lucky? 
I'm lucky I've gotten to know so many fellow SLPs like you...
even if it is just through this little blog, my TpT store, or social media! 
Since you're here, I'd love nothing more than to read your comments! 



  1. We're lucky to "know" you, Mia. You bring so much to the profession!

    1. As Rod Stewart said, "Have I told you lately that I love you, Annie?" Ok maybe that's not an exact quote but I do! Back at you, friend!


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