Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Louisiana Teacher Blogger MEETUP and a SWAG BAG

I have been soooo M.I.A since school let out for the summer!
Get it? 

I have been too busy living life and loving life to blog, but BOY have I been inspired!....because this past Saturday I attended the first annual Louisiana Teacher Blogger Meet Up!!

It.    was.    so.   much.   fun! 

Big shout out to Jasmine at Buzzing with Mrs. McClain who made it all happen, to Jessica at Pride and Primary who hosted us at her fabulous school in Baton Rouge, Mayfair Lab School, and Kristi from Pelicans and Pipsqueaks who also shared the load. You were all hostesses extraordinaire! 

So many community sponsors pitched in to make it a big success!! 

There was literally no detail overlooked, and everyone won a door prize! 
I scored this super cute pencil door sign from the talented Tallahassee Sunday.  
I think it will make the fact that I have to move rooms a little less painful :) 

I was blown away by everyone’s enthusiasm.  
So many die hard teachers and brilliant minds in that room. 
Not to mention that their love for what they do- and for their students- was obvious.  

Jasmine was very gracious in asking me to present to the group.  
I was like.... WHAT?  ME?  WHY? 

Slight panic and extreme procrastination set in, but I whipped up a little presentation.

Being a MAC person in a PC world, I had some technical difficulties, but my audience was so lovely that it didn’t matter.  

In the end I just shot from the hip.  

I mean, us educators are pros at winging it, right? 

I  shared about my experience with blogging, selling on TpT,   
OH, and pinterest, and facebook and instagram. 
OH MY!! 

  I hope I left them with some useful tidbits :) 
To be honest, I could talk about that stuff all day. 

Jessica from Pride and Primary also gave fun and informative presentation about blogging.  It really made me want to kick my blogging up a notch! 

The best part was just hanging out, talking and picking each others’ brains!
 I think we made some new friendships that will carry on. 
Check me out with Michelle Lendahand from Lendahand's Printables, and Darleen Chautin from First Grade Love 

That day I took away: 

1) a wonderful feeling of comradery

2) a swell of pride about being a Louisiana blogger
3) some cool new friends

I hope to get together with this fabulous group again soon! 

Before we left we exchanged gifts.  I hit the jackpot with mine.  

{Jasmine, you did NOT stick your own $5-$10 rule!} 

Then we were showered with some amazing SWAG!

Wanna be all decked out like us?

{you know you do}

Two lucky people will win all the swag pictured here! 

{That disk is from Erin Cobb, y'all! Eeeeek}
Just enter the rafflecopter below! 
 Good luck!



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  1. I was beyond thrilled to meet you Saturday. Your presentation was awesome and helped me so much! You are so sweet and nice, I can't wait to meet up again!!!

  2. So happy to have met you!!! It was a fabulous day and we will definitely have to do it again soon!! Loved your post and your blog design!!


  3. I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG! It was wonderful meeting you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I am so glad you live locally. We need to have some Baton Rouge area blogger meet ups!
    Missy Kenedy
    The Kennedy Korral

  4. 1st, I love your new blog! It is totally unique and awesome! 2nd I really enjoyed your presentation. I learned so much! 3rd. I really enjoyed meeting you along with all the other ladies! I can't wait until our next get together!

  5. Hi Mia! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you! I feel like I have made a new friend and I can't wait to see you again. Thanks for sharing all of your treasured secrets regarding blogging and TpT. Your presentation was so fun and engaging and your blog reflects your precious personality. Looking forward to seeing you soon again!
    Michelle Lenahan:)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your new design! I was so exciting meeting you this weekend! I am on such a blogging high after meeting some of the greats ;) I love the little joke in your blog! I look forward to staying in touch!

    Alyssa Ms. Winter's Wild West

  8. Mia,

    Thanks so much for all of your help this weekend. You gave me so many things to think about. Your new blog really looks good. Whoot. Whoot. I look forward to connecting with you online and keeping in contact.

  9. Thank you MIa- for your sweet comment on my page! Yes Special Ed Peeps stick together. I went to my new classroom today- moving to new school very close to home, but level of functioning- well going from slight learning disabilities in 4-6 to much lower functioning students grades 5-6- so, deep breath and think calming manatee thoughts! Anyway- it was such an honor to meet you! I think your blog ROCKS! Please stay in touch- and it did not give me an option to respond to your comment- so I came to you! : )


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