Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Talk Like a Pirate!!

One of the most fun days of the year is coming...
September 19 is Talk like a Pirate Day!
I'm really bummed that it's falling on a Friday so I'm declaring the whole entire week Talk like a Pirate Week in my speech room! 

I'm linking up with my friend, Tracy, from Gold Country SLP to share...
...what's going down in my speech room this week!

1) OF COURSE we're playing POP UP PIRATE in articulation therapy 
(one of my all-time favorite games!) 

2) My little ones are also earning gems for their treasure chests during articulation drill!
 (I got these from Lakeshore Learning) 

3) We are using my simple but oh-so-addictive Pirate Quick Drill game for all skill drills this week.  

Putting the cards in my treasure chest amongst the jewels and gold coins makes it even more fun, and naturally we are drilling with the pirate words included for each phoneme.  

4) We are addressing goals and collecting treasure with my Pesky Pirates game, too! 

4) My older students have learned some strategies to decipher unknown words- in this case- pirate language! I've been using my pirate-themed context clues packet with my 4th and 5th graders and in inclusion!  It's made that tough skill so much more fun AND my kids were really motivated to find out what all the wacky pirate words and phrases meant. 

You can find my pirate style lesson in context clues in my TpT store :) 

Some of my students even asked for a copy of the included pirate dictionary so they can really be ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day.  I think my students and I may just start talking like pirates year 'round.  What do you think? 

I've got my eye on Kayla SLP's Pirate Articulation on TpT!  My kids would love to feed the pirate! 

Please comment and tell me how YOU are celebrating! 

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  1. I've got my eyes set on Pop-up pirate. I bought a mini one and it lasted for only one season of pirate week last year and stopped popping this year. What a piece of junk!! Have fun!!


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