Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Favorite Organization Tips

Happy New Year, y'all!! 
Every year when I go shopping right after Christmas, it's always the same thing....stores like Walmart and Target pack the shelves with organizational totes and containers. I thought it was just ME, but apparently it's that time of year when we ALL want to get organized. I think it's part of feeling like we have a fresh start. So in the spirit of the fresh starts - along with the Frenzied SLPs - I'm bringing you some organization tips! 

Let me start by confessing that.....I'm really not that least not in a traditional way.  I really try to be, but my love of knick knacks and all things cute gets in the way sometimes.  

When I had a bigger therapy room, I did a better job. I mean, let's face it....the more space you have the easier it is to be organized.  

This was my lovely, organized life a couple of years ago when I had a full fledged room....

Ahhhhhh look at it.  It just makes me happy. Everything in it's place and a place for everything. Not to mention- everything was labeled!  It's easy to be organized when you have a ton of space.  In fact, you can read my post about how I organized my therapy materials (back when I was living the good life in the room pictured above) HERE

It's a lot harder when your "therapy room" was is actually a closet - which is what I worked in until very recently.  Yes, it is literally a closet between the teacher's lounge and bathroom. The only way I can describe it is dark, stuffy and dismal (hence the fan and lamp pictured below).  It didn't even have an electrical outlet so I had to run an extension cord into the teacher's lounge (where my desk was housed) to give me some power. 

As in my older post about organization, I'm all about bins and cans. They make me :)

So as you can see..... I'm thinking I am NOT the person to be giving anyone organization tips; however, I will  tell you that using wall space (vertical storage) is THE way to go in a small space.  Those white wall mounted paper trays are less that $20 from IKEA and I can't live without them! My speech world has revolved around bins, paper trays and plastic drawers- oh, and cute carousels that spin my pens, pencils, dry erase markers, and sharpies around like preschoolers on a merry go round.  

Then all the mess gets hidden behind the curtain - organized chaos at its finest. 

Before you call for my adminstrator's head, you should know that my principal didn't want to shove me into the closet.  Our school houses double the amount of children that it was built for, and we are just bursting at the seams. 

Sooooo if you noticed that I'm using some weird past tense in his post it's because...I moved out of this room in December! I moved out to take a new job (more on that soon on a future post!) 

One organization tip that I can share is that, like many SLPs,  I organize my materials by theme whenever possible.  I have a plastic container for each season and holiday that houses crafts, TpT packets, seasonal books and props I use with books for that season.  

For worksheets that I have accummulated over the years, I use a hanging file crate.  As I acquire new worksheets, I just file them away under the corresponding season or holiday.  It's not rocket science by any means, but I adore my seasonal files. 

Notice I'm not all anal about nice typed labels or continuity with tabs, colors, etc.  Does that drive you crazy?  As you can see, I don't sweat it.  (Remember I admitted I'm not that organized!) 

Oh, and since I'm confessing,  you may have notived that I don't know how to print on file folder labels or hanging file tab labels.  If any of YOU do, can you send me instructions?  I like to consider myself "techy," but for the life of me, I can't figure it out! 

What I DO like to keep organized is my computer desktop.  My friend, Laura, from All Y'all Need got me hooked on this idea when I downloaded her desktop organizer freebie (which I use on my work computer). You've GOT to check it out! It has changed my life. NO MORE random files on my desktop! 

She inspired me to design my own desktop organizer images, and this is the one I'm using on my personal laptop right now....

Now in my new job, I'm supporting SLPs all over our huge district, and I'm slammed on a daily basis  with various adminstrative tasks, emails, calls, trainings to plan and give, meetings to attend and schools to visit. I've gotten myself organized by 1) finally succombing to using a digital calendar and 2) splitting my To-DO list into  TWO lists: "To-do NOW" and "To-Do LATER." This has really helped me prioritize.  I kept two different note pads, but then I saw THIS at Office Depot and I almost fell to my knees in the aisle...

It's like it was made JUST for me!
It's from the See Jane Work line at Office Depot.
It's even magnetic! I seriously should have bought these in bulk.

For MORE (and likely much better) organization tips, click on the logos below and check out how these fabulous' SLPs get organized.  I'm pretty sure some of them have at least a mild form of OCD which makes their organization quite impressive! :)


  1. I need a desktop organizer!!! I love it. Functional and cute!!

  2. Those desktop organizers are THE BOMB! I have one for work & a different one for home. LOVE THEM!!! :D

  3. The color scheme is so cheerful and neat!

  4. Thanks for the mention! I love ALL of your ideas - yes, you are organized AND you make it pretty!
    All Y’all Need

  5. Thanks for sharing these useful tips. When it comes to storage, I always bear in mind to always remain light in order to reduce clutter as much as possible. In doing so, the area will retain its tidiness regardless of additional items each day.


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