Saturday, May 21, 2016

The End is Near! Send them off with a bang!

It's that time of year  ~  another school year down and summer on the horizon! My district wraps up the school year this coming week- May 25 to be exact.  Since I am now a 10 month employee, this is the first time in 20 years that I won't be headed off to summer with my teacher friends after the glorified last day of school.

Please excuse me while I have a mini pity party :(((

Ok I'm better now.  

I've been going back to my old stomping grounds to a say goodbye to my students (and get hugs). The most fun (and heart tugging) part was going back to tell my 5th grade students good-bye and help usher them off to middle school! I'd had some of these "babies" since preschool! It was an honor and a pleasure to get to watch them grow up and have a part in their education.  

If you've read my other posts, you'll know we like to send the kids off with tons of speech fun during the last week or two! 
This is how we dooooooo it.......(are you singing that ole song, too?) 

1) MAKE A FUN SNACK (with a nod to summer!) 

We've done countless ones over the years but I think the "Teddys at the Beach" were the most fun and smile producing! Snack activities bring about so much language that there's literally NO goal you can't target by making a multi-step snack! 

This year the SLPs at "my" school went with these octopus cupcakes (blue food colored icing, white bead sprinkles and a gummy octopii plopped on top!)


I love love love doing a little game show style competition; kids love it and they get so wrapped up in it that I get to see how their articulation skills are really carrying over.  First, split your students into 2 teams. Please forgive me if you've heard me blog about it before - I just can't get enough!  Next, break out the fun questions- I have some in my TpT store for Back to School, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Winter and Summer.  

Then each team picks a team name and 1 person on each team team has "the bell" for their team (omg I couldn't live without service bells in therapy). 

 We explain the rules: listen to the whole question, answer in a complete sentence (for older kids), and keep your hand on the table until the question is read. Finally, I read the question and whoever knows the answer has to try to be the first to ring the bell in order to get a chance to answer correctly and earn a point for his/her team!  Only the students "at the bell" are able to answer, and cheaters are exiled :)))  

That time pressure really puts their speech to the test!  Of course the team with the most points wins!! 

JUST      GO     BUY      SERVICE       BELLS 
and thank me later :) 

Battery operated buzzers work well, too 
(see below) 


Whether it's a bubble machine party, messy popsicles, water games, or something as simple as keeping a balloon or beach ball up in the air, going outside and letting loose is something students just don't get to do much of these days. Even activities at recess seems to be limited these days. Just let them go a little nuts for a change :)) 

A big favorite of my students is a relay - something else I've mentioned before - and the wacky relays are the most fun!  Last week, we did an oldie but goodie- a relay with everything you would need for the beach or pool!

Chances are you can find everything you need to do this in your house.  Well, at least here in the south you can!  Students have to run to the beach bag and put everything that's inside of it on them and run back. Then the next person puts it on and so on. 

Add a pool noodle for even more entertainment! 


If you're a regular at my blog or store, you know I love rewarding kids! Who doesn't love to be recognized for their unique gifts, and who doesn't like to hear nice things abou themselves? Some students don't really get that at home, ya know.  It was with a heavy AND happy heart that I gave my students certificates to take with them off into the sunset.  

There was lots of love and joy in the room that day. 

The kids all agreed that each student got exactly the perfect award for them. 

What is that saying about kids may forget what you taught them but they won't forget how you made them feel?

This award was extra special because this child has selective mutism.  She talked on this day--- in front of everyone.  She really does have a lovely voice when she uses it, and everyone was happy to see her get this certificate.

This Harry Potter lover was crazy about hers!!

If you want to conjure up some warm and fuzzy feelings around your speech room you can find my 75 page download of Speech and Language Certficates, Diplomas and Awards HERE.  I just added 17 new ones to the pack! 

I think even my most finicky fifth graders liked them.

I only pray I've had as much of an impact on them as they've had on me.

Happy Summer Break, everyone! 


  1. Sorry you won't be joining your friends for some R & R, you certainly deserve it. Great ideas. I'm partial to the snack-tivities...teddies at the beach!! Enjoy your summer AND your new job!!

  2. Oh.MY! I love those "teddies at the beach"!! I'm going to bookmark for next year! :)


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